Add on Course is a Scheme to increase employ ability and entrepreneurship for students pursuing a different course. It is completed along with graduation and has three phases.
1.  On completion of first year certificate of course is given.
2.  On completion of second year certificate of Diploma is given.
3.  At the end of final year certificate of Advance Diploma is  given.

Eligibility : Must be a regular student of TDC part-I (any stream)

i) Bio-Technology – This course aims at providing information on basics and applications of biotechnology. This course can help students for higher studies in India as well as abroad.

ii)  Apparel Designing – This course helps in enhancing career awareness among girl students and also increases employment opportunities

iii) Information Technology – The knowledge of computer helps a person in enhancing skills and also improving prospects in job market.

iv) Cosmetology – In this age of beauty culture, a trained professional in cosmetology would walk in the job market with comparative ease. This course would make you part of a booming and buzzing arena of personal grooming and self dependence.

v) Basic Cooking & Catering Management – This course has been designed keeping in view the growing demands for nutrition & catering savvy generation of today

vi) Functional English – In this highly competitive world , no one can deny the importance of communication skills viz. speaking, listening, writing & reading. This course provides a boon to students pursuing any other stream to become confident for stepping into globalized world .

vii) Banking & Insurance – This course has been designed to meet the emerging requirements in the field of banking & insurance due to opening up of these sectors to private & Govt.

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