Duration one month (10th June 2021 to 10th July 2021)

No. of students: 14

Topics covered:

a.       Book keeping

b.      Introduction to accounting and key terms

c.       Accounting concepts and conventions

d.      Source documents and vouchers

e.       Accounting equations

f.       Recording of transactions journal

Links sent to students. Self-created videos shared to students in different styles of paintings.


This short term course was taught by Ms. Neha, Asst. Prof. in commerce. During this course, she taught the basics of Accounting. Both the aspects, practical as well theoretical concepts were covered by her. She also shared YouTube links and other useful study material with the students. The students also made notes and sent it to her. Some useful and popular books of Accounting like Basic Accounting simplified by Alvin and Gary, GSL (Galactic Publishing House) and Basics of Accounting by commercial Law Publishers authored by CA G. Sekar and CA B. Saravana Prasath were also referred by her.

Pt. Mohan Lal S.D. College For Women